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After care

If you take good care of your tattoo, it will take about six weeks for this wound to heal.


WASH YOUR HANDS every time before touching your tattoo. Wash the tattooed area with cool or warm water and perfume free soap, then rinse the area with water. Pat the tattoo with a clean towel (paper towels are preferred) to dry. Smear the wound with an ointment that the tattoo artist recommends you. During the healing process make sure you avoid: scratching the tattoo wound, covering the tattoo with tight or dirty clothes, plaster or bandage. Avoid (bubble) baths, swimming pools, saunas and steam baths; do not expose the tattoo wound to sunlight or the tanning bed.
A new piercing is similar to a deep wound. Poor care and unhygienic treatment can cause wound infections and scar tissue. With good care it takes 4 to 12 weeks for the wound to heal.

Aftercare piercing

The piercer gives oral and written explanation about the aftercare of piercings. Read it carefully and do not hesitate to contact us when you have questions. WASH YOUR HANDS every time before touching your piercing.. During the healing process Avoid the following : applying perfume, alcohol, Hairspray-gels and bandages over the piercing, bubble baths, swimming pools, sauna and stream-baths. Remember not to wear tight or dirty clothing over the piercing.